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Graduate Grading Standard

Graduate students are expected to perform at a consistently high level, to demonstrate substantial mastery of required tasks, and to exhibit the capacity for flexibility and adaptiveness in applying concepts and skills to the definition and solution of new, non-routine, and highly complex programs. Demonstration of these attributes in graduate course work is acknowledged through the award of a grade of B or higher.

Grade Point Averages are used in determining suitability for continued study or for degree conferred. The Graduate College requires a graduate grade point average of 3.00 for program continuation and for degree conferral. The Graduate College awards the following grades: A, B, C, and F

A grade of F in any graduate course requires an interview with the program Dean.  The Interview must be taken within 4 weeks of the end of the course that the student received an F.

A grade of C in any graduate course results in a letter warning the student that no more than three credit hours of C work may be applied toward degree credit hour requirements and that a cumulative 3.0 GPA is required for degree conferral.  A second grade of C requires that the course be repeated as a condition of continuance, and the student is placed on Academic Probation until the second C is retaken with a B or higher grade.  If the student does not receive a B or higher grade or the student received a subsequent C or lower grade, the student will be suspended for one calendar year and must complete and Application of Readmission.

Updated 8/17/2015

Graduate Catalog 17-18