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Psychology - 33 Credits

Delivery Method: Online

This program will offer students advanced courses in the major areas of psychology as well as a strong foundation in research design and statistical analysis. This generalist approach will provide students with a broad knowledge base that they can apply to a variety of settings. Students will be prepared for career opportunities as well as for PhD programs in psychology or related fields.

Core Credits: 33.00

Course # Course Title Hours
EDU 520 Research Design 3.00
PSY 510 Advanced Developmental Psychology 3.00
PSY 520 Biological Bases of Behavior 3.00
PSY 525 Advanced Cognition 3.00
PSY 530 Advanced Psychopathology 3.00
PSY 535 Contemporary and Ethical Issues 3.00
PSY 550 Psychological Testing and Assessment 3.00
PSY 570 Diversity and Multicultural Issues 3.00
PSY 580 Advanced Statistics 3.00
PSY 590 Thesis I 3.00
PSY 591 Thesis II 3.00

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