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Organizational Leadership - 36 Credits (24 credit core and 12 credit concentration)

Delivery Method: Online

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership is one of the most sought after degrees for candidates who aspire to reach an executive or top-level position in their organization. Through this program, students will gain a deeper understanding of how to build effective leadership practices to manage 21st-century organizations. This skill-based, academically rigorous program aims to prepare leaders for diverse work settings and broad career opportunities across industries including public, private and not for profit organizations. The program offers a highly practical and hands-on curriculum. Students will not only learn to develop their leadership potential but will also learn to develop highly effective teams and a culture of collaboration within the organization.

*Capstone process involves conducting a detailed case analysis (paper and presentation) covering core and concentration objectives.

Core Credits: 24.00

Course # Course Title Hours
ORL 505 Fundamentals of Organizational Leadership 3.00
ORL 520 21st Century Organizations 3.00
ORL 525 Human Behavior and Learning 3.00
ORL 530 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 3.00
ORL 540 Organizational Communication 3.00
ORL 570 Leadership Development 3.00
ORL 580 Research for Decision Making 3.00
ORL 590 Organizational Leadership Capstone 3.00

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