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Degree Program Detail

Athletic Training (Master of) - 41 Credits

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Core Credits: 41.00

Course # Course Title Hours
ATR 511 Interventions II: Manual Therapies 4.00
ATR 512 Interventions II: Manual Therapies - Lab 0.00
ATR 515 Clinical II: General Medical Intensive 3.00
ATR 520 Adminstration in Athletic Training 3.00
ATR 525 Clinical III: Immersive Intensive 6.00
ATR 531 Interventions III: Therapeutic Exercise 4.00
ATR 532 Interventions III: Therapeutic Exercise Lab 0.00
ATR 545 Clinical IV: Orthopedics: Traditional Setting 3.00
ATR 550 Research II: Introduction to Case Studies 2.00
ATR 570 Research III: Research Presentation 2.00
ATR 571 Interventions IV: General Medical Procedures 4.00
ATR 572 Interventions IV: General Medical Procedures Lab 0.00
ATR 580 Current Topics in Healthcare 3.00
ATR 585 Clinical V: Orthopedics: Non-Sports Setting 3.00
ATR 590 Exit Exams 1.00

Required Electives

Elective Hours
Required Undergraduate Courses 0.00

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