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Athletic Training (Master of) - 58 Credits

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

The Master of Athletic Training program emphasizes the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and non-orthopedic conditions. This will prepare students to sit for and pass the Board of Certification, Inc (BOC) exam to earn the ATC(R) credential and obtain state licensure. Learning is achieved through a three-step approach utilizing didactic lecture, hands-on labs, and clinical education with supervised by an athletic trainer, physician, or other appropriately licensed healthcare providers.

*The Masters in Athletic Training program requires prerequisite classes in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, anatomy, and physiology at the postsecondary level.

Core Credits: 58.00

Course # Course Title Hours
ATR 405 or ATR 505 Clinical I: Equipment Intensive 3.00
ATR 503 or ATR 421 Examination I: Lumbar & Lower Extremity 4.00
ATR 422 or ATR 504 Examination I: Lumbar & Lower Extremity Lab 0.00
ATR 501 or ATR 431 Interventions I: Therapeutic Modalities 4.00
ATR 432 or ATR 502 Interventions I: Therapeutic Modalities - Lab 0.00
ATR 513 or ATR 443 Examination II: General Medical Conditions 4.00
ATR 514 or ATR 444 Examination II: General Medical Conditions Lab 0.00
ATR 510 or ATR 450 Research I: Introduction to Evidence Based Practice 1.00
ATR 533 or ATR 455 Examination III: Cervical & Upper Extremity 4.00
ATR 456 or ATR 534 Examination III: Cervical & Upper Extremity Lab 0.00
ATR 511 Interventions II: Manual Therapies 4.00
ATR 512 Interventions II: Manual Therapies - Lab 0.00
ATR 515 Clinical II: General Medical Intensive 3.00
ATR 520 Adminstration in Athletic Training 3.00
ATR 525 Clinical III: Immersive Intensive 6.00
ATR 531 Interventions III: Therapeutic Exercise 4.00
ATR 532 Interventions III: Therapeutic Exercise Lab 0.00
ATR 545 Clinical IV: Orthopedics: Traditional Setting 3.00
ATR 550 Research II: Introduction to Case Studies 2.00
ATR 570 Research III: Research Presentation 2.00
ATR 571 Interventions IV: General Medical Procedures 4.00
ATR 572 Interventions IV: General Medical Procedures Lab 0.00
ATR 580 Current Topics in Healthcare 3.00
ATR 585 Clinical V: Orthopedics: Non-Sports Setting 3.00
ATR 590 Exit Exams 1.00

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