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Healthcare Administration

Delivery Method: Online

The Master’s in Healthcare Administration (MHA) is a direct path to healthcare leadership. More and more, healthcare businesses are looking for administrators who are experiences leaders. They’re looking for professionals who are driven to pursue quality in a healthcare climate that is diverse, dynamic and demanding. The modern healthcare administrator must have the ability and willingness to take calculated risks and build smart, agile teams, that deliver results. You can expect to develop these talents as you complete the William Woods University Master’s in Healthcare Administration program. This degree is designed to fit the schedules of working professionals and can be completed in two years or less through the online courses. You can expect rigorous coursework with real-world relevance, designed and taught by professionals who have proven their expertise in the healthcare industry. The MHA degree’s strong theoretical background is balanced by a required practicum experience that culminates in a research project that will benefit an actual healthcare facility.

Course List - Total Hours: 0.00

Course # Course Title Hours
BMT 501 Orientation to Healthcare Systems 3.00
BMT 505 Healthcare Administration 3.00
BMT 519 Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration 3.00
BMT 527 Human Resource Managment in Healthcare 3.00
BMT 540 Ethics in Healthcare 3.00
BMT 541 Healthcare Systems Financial Managment 3.00
BMT 547 Medical Terminology for the Healthcare Manager 3.00
BMT 570 Healthcare Marketing 3.00
BMT 581 Healthcare Technology 3.00
BMT 585 Exploration of Healthcare Administration Issues 3.00
BMT 591 Healthcare Industry Practicum 3.00
BMT 599 Capstone Thesis 3.00

Graduate Catalog 17-18