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Degree Program Detail

Teaching and Technology - 30 Credits

Delivery Method: Online

The Master of Education degree in Teaching and Technology is intended to provide the student with the advanced skills necessary to plan and deliver the most effective instructional unit through the integration of technology in teaching and learning. Aligned to the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and the International Society for Technology in Education Teacher Standards (ISTE-T), the degree program incorporates instructional design with technology, integrating academic application, and multimedia production with the latest applied theories of learning.

Credentialed Learning Credit Available:

Students entering the MED Teaching and Technology program with current Google Certified Educator Certification, current Microsoft Educator Certification, current CK-12 Certification, or current Comprehensive eMints or eMints4All Certification; can potentially receive Credentialed Learning credits for up to 9 credit hours. Contact your Academic Advisor or the Program Manager for more information

Core Credits: 30.00

Course # Course Title Hours
EDU 520 Research Design 3.00
EDU 543 Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape 3.00
EDU 558 Digital Tools for Academic Programs 3.00
EDU 559 Current Issues in Teaching and Learning 3.00
EDU 561 Instructional Design With Technology 3.00
EDU 563 Applied Instructional Theories and Strategies Using Technology 3.00
EDU 571 Integration of Multimedia Production and Curriculum 3.00
EDU 589 Teaching and Technology Capstone Project 6.00
EDU 590 Appraisal Of Student Learning 3.00

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