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Master of Education in Athletics/Activities Administration - 33 Credits

Delivery Method: Online

The Master of Education degree program in Athletic/Activities Administration is intended to provide the student with the advanced skills necessary for effective administration of athletic and activity programs on the interscholastic and intercollegiate levels. Only one of a handful of such programs offered in the nation, this unique degree examines all levels: middle school through collegiate. The student will develop these skills: formulating effective practices involving program management; recruiting of athletes, coaches and officials; time management; maintaining amateurism; sports law; facilities management and scheduling; fiscal management; and public relations and marketing of the athletics/activities program. The program is designed to prepare the student for national certification as an athletic/activities administrator on the secondary and/or intercollegiate levels.

Core Credits: 33.00

Course # Course Title Hours
EDU 503 Sports Law 3.00
EDU 508 Practical Aspects of Athletic/Activities Administration 3.00
EDU 509 Athletic Admin Field Experiences 3.00
EDU 521 Introduction to Interscholastic/Intercollegiate Athletics/Activities Administration 3.00
EDU 523 Supervision of the Athletics/Activities Program 3.00
EDU 524 Current Issues/Common Challenges in Athletics/Activities Administration 3.00
EDU 525 Foundations of Educational Administration 3.00
EDU 526 Athletics/Activities Administration: Developing Character & Citizenship 3.00
EDU 527 Athletics/Activities Program Promotion 3.00
EDU 528 Financing the Athletics/Activities Program 3.00
EDU 544 Digital Tools in the Athletic/Activities Environment 3.00

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