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Degree Program Detail

Master of Education in STEM Curriculum - 30 Credits

Delivery Method: Online

The online STEM program will consist of four courses that focus on practical learning and implementation design around the following four STEM education topics; Overview of STEM Pedagogy and Research, Engineering Design in the Classroom, Citizen Science, and STEM Technology in the Classroom. Through discovery, discussions, and unit development, teachers will leave each course ready to implement what they have experienced in their own classrooms.

Core Credits: 0.00

Course # Course Title Hours
EDU 520 Research Design 3.00
EDU 543 Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape 3.00
EDU 558 Digital Tools for Academic Programs 3.00
EDU 564 STEM - An Introduction 3.00
EDU 565 STEM: Engineering Design 3.00
EDU 566 STEM: Technology and Coding 3.00
EDU 567 STEM: Citizen Science Project Based 3.00
EDU 586 Action Research Capstone 6.00
EDU 590 Appraisal Of Student Learning 3.00

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