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Reading Instruction - 30 Credits

Delivery Method: Online

The William Woods University Master of Education (MED) in Reading Instruction program is designed especially for current K-12 teachers who desire to develop extensive skills in the area of effective reading instruction. Students enrolled in this innovative online Master of Education program will develop a deep understanding of the acquisition of language, current issues in reading and writing, theoretical models of literacy, analysis and correction of reading disabilities, curriculum development, assessment and effective intervention. Students earning the Master of Education in Reading Instruction degree will be literacy experts equipped to support literacy instruction in grades K-12 as Reading/Literacy Specialists, Coaches and Interventionists.

Core Credits: 30.00

Course # Course Title Hours
EDC 500 Current Issues in Reading and Writing 3.00
EDC 510 Analysis and Correction of Reading Disabilities 3.00
EDC 520 Evaluation of Abilities and Achievement 3.00
EDC 530 Theoretical Models in Literacy 3.00
EDC 540 Language Acquisition and Literacy 3.00
EDC 550 Literacy Across A Variety of Genres 3.00
EDC 560 Classroom Communities for the Enhancement of Student Learning 3.00
EDC 580 Counseling Techniques 3.00
EDC 590 Elementary Reading Practicum 3.00
EDC 591 Secondary Reading Practicum 3.00

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