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MED Equestrian Education - 30 Credits

Delivery Method: Online

William Woods University, a nationally recognized institution within the field of Equestrian studies, offers an advanced degree to compete in the 21st century. With an emphasis in equestrian education, the online Masters of Equestrian Education program is ideal for the working professional in today's field. As the first degree of its kind, this program offers the foundation for the modern day equestrian with a focus on skills for many avenues especially to teach in a college level program. Individuals will have an advantage within the fields of equine education services, national equestrian organizations, undergraduate instruction and industry leadership. The flexibility that this program offers is well suited for anyone looking to be a sustainable leader in the horse industry.

Core Credits: 30.00

Course # Course Title Hours
EDU 543 Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape 3.00
EQE 530 Equestrian Academic Instruction 3.00
EQE 546 Applied Instructional Theories 3.00
EQE 550 Equestrian Curriculum Development 3.00
EQE 562 Equestrian Educational Events & Competitions Management 3.00
EQE 574 Management of Facility & Resources 3.00
EQE 576 Development of Instructional Resources 3.00
EQE 582 Current Issues in Equestrian Education 3.00
EQE 587 Equestrian Education Capstone Project 6.00

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