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Master of Business Administration - 36 Credits

Delivery Method: Evening, Online

The MBA program provides students with the knowledge and techniques needed to make an impact in a variety of business settings. The skills you gain will include the ability to take calculated risks and build smart, agile teams that deliver results.

Core Credits: 36.00

Course # Course Title Hours
BUS 500 Management and Leadership 3.00
BUS 517 Human Resources & Organizational Behavior 3.00
BUS 524 Economics For Managers 3.00
BUS 538 Accounting For Managers 3.00
BUS 539 Legal Environment of Business, Government and Society 3.00
BUS 542 Finance 3.00
BUS 545 Managerial Ethics 3.00
BUS 564 Data Analytics for Business 3.00
BUS 566 Financial Decisions 3.00
BUS 580 Management Systems 3.00
BUS 585 Integrated Studies in Business Administration 3.00
ORL 577 Strategy Development and Implementation 3.00

Graduate Catalog

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