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Degree Program Detail

Doctor of Education - Minimum 31 hours

Delivery Method: Evening, Online

The William Woods Educational Doctorate is designed to be an academically rigorous, yet attainable, doctoral degree for students who aspire to enhance their leadership skills, research ability, and professional stature. Our students are primarily from the K-12 environment, but we do have some students who are currently working in higher education, non-profits, or industry. William Woods is proud of our requirement of a traditional individual dissertation, but we offer extensive help throughout the process. Completion of an EdD at William Woods has opened the door to professional advancement in school districts, career opportunities teaching in higher education, as well as personal goal attainment. With on ground cohorts throughout Missouri and online classes beginning every eight weeks there is an option to meet your professional goals.

Note: The EdD does not provide the necessary coursework for students to obtain advanced certification. The EdD program is not an avenue for principal or superintendent certification.

Dissertation Handbook

*Must complete at least 3 semesters of Research Seminar (EDU792 must be taken concurrently with first semester and EDU793 must be taken concurrently with third semester).

Core Credits: 31.00

Course # Course Title Hours
EDU 710 Aspects of Leadership 3.00
EDU 730 Effective Educational Systems 3.00
EDU 750 Organizational Learning & System Change 3.00
EDU 760 Program Evaluation & Strategic Plan 3.00
EDU 781 Dissertation Seminar 3.00
EDU 792 On-site Dissertation Workshop 1 0.50
EDU 793 On-site Dissertation Workshop 2 0.50
EDU 799 Research Seminar 2.00
RSH 720 Quantitative Analysis II 3.00
RSH 740 or EDU 740 Exploration of Qualitative Research 3.00
EDU 780 or RSH 780 Dissertation Proposal Seminar 3.00

Graduate Catalog

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