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Degree Program Detail

Adult Education Ed.D. - Minimum 48 hours

Delivery Method: Online

The Online EdD in Leadership and Adult Learning in Organizations responds to the needs of higher education administrators, K-12 educators, adult education instructors, adult education curriculum developers, corporate trainers, and instructional designers by offering a real-world program of study. The online program is designed to equip professionals with the essential instructional and training strategies necessary for adults working in industry, education, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. Based on a rigorous and meaningful program of study that culminates in a research-based dissertation, doctoral students will acquire knowledge in adult learning theory and practice; learn to develop programs that specifically respond to the learning needs of adults; and master leadership and management skills that address the dynamic changes in organizations and the global challenges impacting the current adult workforce.

Note: The EdD does not provide the necessary coursework for students to obtain advanced certification. The EdD program is not an avenue for principal or superintendent certification.

Dissertation Handbook

Core Credits: 48.00

Course # Course Title Hours
ALE 710 Adult Learning: Theory and Practice 3.00
ALE 730 Adult Learning Methods 3.00
ALE 760 Developing Adult Learning Programs 3.00
ALE 770 Leadership for Adult Learning 3.00
ALE 775 Improvement of Adult Instruction and Training 3.00
ALE 780 Adults as Critical Thinkers 3.00
ALE 785 Adult Program Evaluation 3.00
ALE 790 Adult Learning and the Digital Age 3.00
ALE 795 Research in Adult Learning 6.00
ALE 798 Applied Doctoral Project 6.00
ALE 799 Applied Doctoral Project Continuation 1.00
EDU 710 Aspects of Leadership 3.00
EDU 750 Organizational Learning & System Change 3.00
RSH 720 Quantitative Analysis II 3.00
RSH 740 or EDU 740 Exploration of Qualitative Research 3.00

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