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FLD 501 - Field Experience I

FLD 501 is the first of three I credit hour field experience courses structured to support the engagement of the aspiring school leader in relevant, leadership development activities. Cumulatively, in the three credit hours of field experience, students will document engagement in a minimum of 300 hours specifically distributed across the 5 leadership domains (Managerial, Visionary, Instructional, Relational, and Innovative) of the Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS). Additionally, field experience hours will reflect a minimum of 200 hours in the student’s selected major area (elementary or secondary), 50 hours in the student’s selected minor area (elementary or secondary), and 50 discretionary hours. Collaboratively, the field experience instructor and the selected on-site supervisor will guide and provide support through this process. (FLD501 is a pass/fail course)

Credit Hours: 1.00

Course Fees: $0.00

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