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EDU 792 - On-site Dissertation Workshop 1

This course consists solely of the weekend workshop. The weekend workshop provides an overview of chapters one, two, and three of the dissertation. Students are expected to progress in their dissertation over the weekend by writing several sections in the first three chapters. This 0.5 cr course is the first of two on-site workshops for doctoral students. The workshop is a credit or no credit course. The workshop is available three times a year and is located in Columbia, MO. The workshop begins Friday afternoon and finishes on Sunday afternoon. Students are required to concurrently take their first semester of Research Seminar (first 16-week research seminar course). Students should bring a hard copy of their dissertation draft, and it is highly recommended for students to bring a laptop computer while working with their dissertation chair for editing purposes.

Prerequisite: EDU781

Corequisite:Students are required to be concurrently enrolled in first semester EDU 790.

Credit Hours: 0.50

Course Fees: $300.00

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