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ATR 511   Interventions II: Manual Therapies

ATR 512   Interventions II: Manual Therapies - Lab

ATR 515   Clinical II: General Medical Intensive

ATR 520   Adminstration in Athletic Training

ATR 525   Clinical III: Immersive Intensive

ATR 531   Interventions III: Therapeutic Exercise

ATR 532   Interventions III: Therapeutic Exercise Lab

ATR 545   Clinical IV: Orthopedics: Traditional Setting

ATR 550   Research II: Introduction to Case Studies

ATR 570   Research III: Research Presentation

ATR 571   Interventions IV: General Medical Procedures

ATR 572   Interventions IV: General Medical Procedures Lab

ATR 580   Current Topics in Healthcare

ATR 585   Clinical V: Orthopedics: Non-Sports Setting

ATR 590   Exit Exams

BUS 500   Management and Leadership

BUS 517   Human Resources & Organizational Behavior

BUS 524   Economics For Managers

BUS 538   Accounting For Managers

BUS 539   Legal Environment of Business, Government and Society

BUS 542   Finance

BUS 545   Managerial Ethics

BUS 550   Introduction to Global Business

BUS 552   Business Strategies

BUS 560   Statistics and Research Methods

BUS 563   Management in Cross-Cultural Contexts

BUS 566   Financial Decisions

BUS 569   Marketing Decisions

BUS 573   International Business & Marketing

BUS 580   Management Systems

BUS 581   Business Planning and Design

BUS 585   Integrated Studies in Business Administration

BUS 590   Applied Case Project for Small Business

EDC 500   Current Issues in Reading and Writing

EDC 510   Analysis and Correction of Reading Disabilities

EDC 520   Evaluation of Abilities and Achievement

EDC 530   Theoretical Models in Literacy

EDC 540   Language Acquisition and Literacy

EDC 550   Literacy Across A Variety of Genres

EDC 560   Classroom Communities for the Enhancement of Student Learning

EDC 580   Counseling Techniques

EDC 590   Elementary Reading Practicum

EDC 591   Secondary Reading Practicum

EDU 500   Current Issues In Education

EDU 503   Sports Law

EDU 507   Org, Middle School Curri&Instr

EDU 508   Practical Aspects of Athletic/Activities Administration

EDU 509   Athletic Admin Field Experiences

EDU 510   Advanced Learning Theories

EDU 511   Educational Psychology

EDU 512   Modern Educational Thought

EDU 520   Research Design

EDU 521   Introduction to Interscholastic/Intercollegiate Athletics/Activities Administration

EDU 522   Software Applications for the Athletics/Activities Program Enviroment

EDU 523   Supervision of the Athletics/Activities Program

EDU 524   Current Issues/Common Challenges in Athletics/Activities Administration

EDU 525   Foundations of Educational Administration

EDU 526   Athletics/Activities Administration: Developing Character & Citizenship

EDU 527   Athletics/Activities Program Promotion

EDU 528   Financing the Athletics/Activities Program

EDU 530   Improvement Of Instruction

EDU 535   Elementary Administration

EDU 536   Secondary Administration

EDU 537   Special Education Administration

EDU 538   Leadership and Management of Instructional Curriculum in Special Education Programs

EDU 540   Literacy Instruction

EDU 543   Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape

EDU 544   Software Applications in the Athletic/Activities Environment

EDU 545   Elementary Curriculum

EDU 546   Secondary Curriculum

EDU 550   Curriculum Construction

EDU 551   Supplementary Elementary Administration

EDU 552   Supplementary Secondary Administration

EDU 553   Supplementary Elementary Curriculum

EDU 554   Supplementary Secondary Curriculum

EDU 555   Interpersonal Relations

EDU 556   Action Research I

EDU 557   Field Experience I

EDU 558   Software Applications for Academic Programs

EDU 559   Current Issues in Teaching and Learning

EDU 561   Instructional Design w/ Technology

EDU 563   Applied Instructional Theories and Strategies Using Technology

EDU 564   STEM - An Introduction

EDU 565   STEM: Engineering Design

EDU 566   STEM: Technology and Coding

EDU 567   STEM: Citizen Science Project Based

EDU 570   Supervision

EDU 571   Integration of Multimedia Production and Curriculum

EDU 575   Principles Of Secondary Education

EDU 580   Educational Technology

EDU 581   Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

EDU 583   Performance Assessment for Aspiring Building Level Administrators

EDU 585   Schools & Law

EDU 586   Action Research Capstone

EDU 588   Writing Workshop (Special Topics)

EDU 589   Teaching and Technology Capstone Project

EDU 590   Appraisal Of Student Learning

EDU 591   Field Experience Capstone Personal Philosophy Special Education

EDU 592   Elementary & Secondary Field Experi

EDU 593   Subject Material Tch Methodologies

EDU 594   Internship

EDU 595   Thesis

EDU 596   Action Research II

EDU 597   Field Experience II, Portfolio, School Improvement

EDU 598   Field Experience for Elementary Administration

EDU 599   Field Experience for Secondary Administration

EDU 600   Issues in School Superintendency

EDU 601   Superintendency Practicum

EDU 602   Administrative Mentoring Practicum

EDU 603   Curriculum Auditing & Mapping

EDU 605   Issues in Curriculum Leadership

EDU 610   Utilizing Statistical Procedures in Educational Research & Evaluation

EDU 620   Effective School- Community Relation

EDU 625   Modern Educational Thought

EDU 630   Development & Implementation of Educational Policy

EDU 635   Curriculum Leadership

EDU 640   Human Resources in Education

EDU 645   Application of Learning Frameworks

EDU 650   School District Finance

EDU 653   School Plant & Facilities Development/Safety & Security

EDU 655   Instruction and Assessment Design

EDU 657   Field Experience

EDU 673   Educational Reform and Urban Educational Issues

EDU 680   Advanced School Law and Policy Development

EDU 685   Curriculum and Program Evaluation

EDU 690   Differentiated & Supplemental Program

EDU 696   Curriculum Leadership Practicum

EDU 697   Superintendent Field Experience & Portfolio Development

EDU 699   Independent Field Experience

EDU 710   Aspects of Leadership

EDU 720   Quantitative Analysis II

EDU 730   Effective Educational Systems

EDU 740   Exploration of Qualitative Research

EDU 750   Organizational Learning & System Change

EDU 760   Program Evaluation & Strategic Plan

EDU 780   Dissertation Proposal Seminar

EDU 781   Dissertation Seminar

EDU 790   Research Seminar

EQE 530   Equestrian Academic Instruction

EQE 546   Applied Instructional Theories

EQE 550   Equestrian Curriculum Development

EQE 562   Equestrian Educational Events & Competitions Management

EQE 574   Management of Facility & Resources

EQE 576   Development of Instructional Resources

EQE 582   Current Issues in Equestrian Education

EQE 587   Equestrian Education Capstone Project

HLT 505   Healthcare Administration

HLT 519   Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration

HLT 527   Human Resource Managment in Healthcare

HLT 540   Ethics in Healthcare

HLT 555   Healthcare Systems Financial Managment

HLT 570   Healthcare Marketing

HLT 581   Healthcare Technology

HLT 583   Organizational Change Management in Healthcare Administration

HLT 585   Exploration of Healthcare Administration Issues

HLT 591   Healthcare Industry Practicum

HLT 592   Policy Issues in Healthcare Administration

HLT 598   Integrated Studies in Health Administration

HLT 599   Capstone Thesis

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