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Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts are...

gifts made by companies to universities like William Woods. If you are employed by a matching gift company, your gift to William Woods University could be doubled or tripled by your employer.

Several thousand corporations...

in the United States have matching gift programs. Just check with your employer's Human Resources Office about a gift matching possibility. Send your gift, along with your companies matching gift form to the William Woods University Advancement office and we will take it from there.

For example, if you make a gift to William Woods University of $500 and your employer has a one-to-one matching gift program, the university will receive $1000, $500 from you and $500 from your employer. For recognition purposes, the Advancement office treats your gift as a $1000 gift. If your employer matches your gift two-to-one, the university will receive $1500 and will list your gift as such.

By using your employer's matching gift program, you greatly increase your gift to William Woods University.

For information regarding Matching Gifts contact