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Amy Shelton McNutt Scholarship

McNutt Campus Center Entrance

Full Tuition, Room and Board Scholarship - Application deadline January 15

Each year William Woods University presents one incoming student with the Amy Shelton McNutt scholarship which recognizes both academic achievement and character. Amy Shelton McNutt was a William Woods alumna remembered for her dedication to hard work, education, and philanthropy.

We look forward to receiving your application for the prestigious award for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The Scholarship

The Amy Shelton McNutt Scholarship includes full Tuition, room, and board for up to four years (as long as renewal eligibility requirements continue to be met).

Requirements and Application Process

Students will need to meet the following eligibility requirements and supply the following information to apply for the Amy Shelton McNutt Scholarship.

Please use this scholarship application to submit your application and provide necessary documents.

Apply Today!

  • Application to William Woods
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.75
  • High school transcript
  • Resume (summary of academic and extracurricular achievements)
  • Video with Video Link (approximately 2 minutes; introduction to who you are, what are you passionate about, and why)
  • Writing Sample (500-1000 words; students may select one topic below as their writing prompt)

Possible Writing Topics

  • Think of your least favorite school topic. Why do you think it’s important for that subject to be taught, regardless of whether students like it? What value does that subject have to students who invest themselves in it?
  • Discuss the themes of a fairy tale or myth of your choice. Analyze the story, its characters, and where relevant, its cultural connections. How does this tale benefit children and/or people as a whole?
  • The US education system is often ridiculed when compared to other countries. What arguments can be made for and against the overall effectiveness of US schools? What personal conclusions have you made about the US education system? What solutions, if any, would you prescribe?
  • Are government funds spent on the study of space and space exploration a good use of taxpayer’s dollars? Explain.
  • Can you describe a time when you had to work with someone with a different background from yourself. How did that shape your own experience?
  • It’s easy to identify with the hero- the literary or historical figure who saves the day. Have you ever identified with a figure who wasn’t a hero- a villain or a scapegoat, a bench-warmer or a bit player? If so, tell us why this figure appealed to you- and if your opinion changed over time, tell us about that, too. (from UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Write the article that will be about you in the Woods Magazine when you graduate in 4-years.

After initial review of your application, you may be asked to participate in an interview with William Woods University School Directors (pending initial review of application materials).

McNutt scholarship recipients are expected to successfully complete the LEAD program each year to maintain their scholarship. In addition, recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 for renewal each year.