Virtual Freshman Advantage 2020

Hello Freshmen!

With the world as it is today, there are some things that have to change. Freshman Advantage is one of those things, BUT that does not make it any less of a great opportunity! Now all you need for Freshman Advantage is a laptop or a phone for web cam use, as well as the ability to get on OwlNet from a networked computer to complete homework. No need to pack, load the car, or buy plane tickets. Even if your high school has not completed the school year yet, you can still participate and get a jump on Fall 2020!

Why “virtual” Freshman Advantage?

  • Meet other incoming classmates, a professor and an upper-class mentor.
  • Classes will be held via Zoom, which is really a great way to feel like you are there with people in your classes.
  • You can ask questions of your professors, mentors and classmates and interact in real time…no delay like in an on line class.
  • The classes will meet at a set time each day for 1 ½ hours, five days a week—Monday through Friday—for three weeks (June 8 - June 26)
  • In addition to the class time, there will also be a set time each day to meet (virtually) with your mentor and classmates.
  • In addition to helping with the class(s) you are taking, your mentor is also an upper-class student who can answer any questions you may have and help you learn about campus before you actually arrive.
  • Enjoy some virtual social activities with your class mentor and other incoming freshmen.
  • Move in a day early for fall, enjoy activities just for you and your FA classmates and mentors.

What Classes are Available?

ART 105 - Basic Design

Students will study the elements and principles of composition as applied to two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. A wide range of materials and techniques will be covered. For non-art majors. This course meets the Creative and Aesthetic General Education requirement.

Basic Design will be taught by Professor Rachel Deutmeyer.

ASL 120 - Deaf Culture

Compares, contrasts and analyzes deaf culture and American culture from a variety of perspectives. Examines cultural interactions between deaf and hearing people and provides opportunity for exploring potential cultural conflicts between deaf and hearing people. This course meets the Cultural Diversity General Education requirement.

Deaf Culture will be taught by Professor Carrie McCray.

COM 101 - Intro to Speech Communication

Designed to introduce the student to the area of oral communication with exercise covering the various phases. This course meets the Public Speaking General Education requirement.

Intro to Speech will be taught by Instructor Katie Belenchia.

HUM 213 - The Bible in Modern Culture

This class explores the literary influence of the Bible on the larger culture and how ancient texts have been read and reimaged in music, film, literature, art, architecture, political policy and public debate about social values. We’ll survey various approaches to textual interpretation, consider both contested and creative readings of biblical texts and analyze the use and abuse of biblical texts among differ reading communities. This course meets the Meaning (literature) General Education requirement.

The Bible in Modern Culture will be taught by Instructor and University Chaplin Travis Tamerius.

SCI 205 - The Scientific Enterprise

An exploration of the multi-faceted nature of science and its impact on history, from Galileo to Pasteur and beyond. Emphasis is placed on scientific approaches and historical development. The role of science in society is addressed and the important consequences of various discoveries are discussed. The evolution of science from early natural philosophy to the familiar scientific method is examined in the context of contributions made by individual scientists. This course meets the Non lab Natural Science General Education requirement.

The Scientific Enterprise will be taught by Professor Sean Baldridge.

How It Works

You may take one class or two. The price for the whole experience and one class is $800. The experience and two classes are $1500. If you were placed in a math class due to your ACT/SAT math sub score you may still choose to take the math class during FA, or you may choose other courses and take Developmental Math in the Fall.

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