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Minor in Psychology

Think big.

A minor in psychology can help you reach your career goals, stand out among employers, and, simply, make you a better friend.

That is because understanding the science behind our decision-making, motivations, perception and the biology behind it all can help us both professionally and personally. It is why psychology is useful in so many different careers — law, writing, business, American Sign Language, education, athletics and more. A grasp of the things that make us tick can get us thinking more deeply and with greater context for a bigger picture.

The minor in psychology from William Woods University makes for a great addition to your portfolio, degree or resume. It includes coursework that introduces you to the field of psychology, and then lets you choose between various elective options in the areas that would most help you succeed: sports psychology, psychology and the law, child development and behavior, and more.


The minor in psychology at William Woods University includes 6 required course credits and 12 required elective course credits.

Courses you may take

PSY 101 - General Psychology I -S - 3.00

An introduction to psychology as a scientific discipline surveying the biological basis of behavior, motivation, learning, sensation, perception, memory, thinking and language.

PSY 102 - General Psychology II -S - 3.00

An introduction to psychology as a scientific discipline surveying interpersonal behavior, personality development, intelligence, psychopathology, assessment, treatment, and research methodology.


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