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Minor in Physics

Expand your universe.

Take your thinking far beyond the confines of ideas and theories you’ve thus far known. In fact, take it even beyond this world we live in — from the forces that keep us grounded to the stars that seemingly shoot across the sky.

The minor in physics at William Woods University will prepare you with invaluable critical thinking skills and success in an incredibly diverse range of fields.

It can strengthen your analytical and scientific skills to help you meet the demands of an increasingly technical society. Whether applying for graduate programs in science, developing a technical career or broadening your education, the physics minor provides a rewarding and challenging program of study that opens doors and gives you a greater understanding of the physical world.


The minor in physics at William Woods University includes 11 required course credits and 7 elective course credits.

Courses you may take

MAT 124

Calculus I -M


PHY 201

Physics I -N


PHY 202 or PHY 203

Physics I Lab or Physics I Lab for transfer students

0.00 or 1.00

PHY 212

Physics II -N


PHY 213

Physics II Lab


PHY 315

Modern Physics



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