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Minor in Chemistry

Step into your element.

Gain a fundamental understanding of chemical concepts relating to all branches of the sciences. Grow your chemistry knowledge and skills to further your career goals, whatever they may look like. Develop your skills in the lab. Understand and utilize the scientific method of inquiry. Draw logical conclusions based on empirical evidence.

Gain all of these things and more from the minor in chemistry at William Woods University — intended to enhance your scientific background.

You will have the opportunity to take advantage of mentor-mentee independent study projects, with one-on-one interaction with professors. Pursue coursework in general, organic and biochemistry, and develop research projects in the areas of chemistry that interest you most.

The chemistry minor will help you prepare for veterinary or medical school, as well as a master’s degree or PhD program in x-ray technology, biochemistry, forensics, nursing, environmental science and more.

William Woods alumni can be found now using their chemistry minor in companies and organizations like the University of Missouri, ABC Labs, Syntax, Con Agra, and Tyson.


The minor in chemistry at William Woods University includes 12 required course credits and 6 required elective course credits.

Courses you may take

CHM 114

General Chemistry I -N


CHM 115 or CHM 116

General Chemistry I Lab or General Chemistry I Lab transfer st

0.00 or 1.00

CHM 124

General Chemistry II -N


CHM 125

General Chemistry II Lab


CHM 314

Organic Chemistry I


CHM 315 or CHM 316

Organic Chemistry I Lab or Organic Chemistry I Lab for Transfer Students

0.00 or 1.00


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