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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Physics

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Physics.

Potential energy put into motion.

The study of physics is how we understand the world we live in and the worlds beyond. It’s the way everything connects and cooperates. It’s challenging imaginations, thinking differently and discovering something new. It’s problem solving and adaptability. And it’s all done while reaching for the stars.

Your Bachelor of Science in Physics at William Woods University will include coursework that prepares you to solve technical problems, manage projects, and utilize advanced knowledge in physics and astronomy, including mechanics, thermodynamics, magnetism and other scientific concepts.

This degree will prepare you for any career that requires problem solving and creative thinking. It will also get you ready for advanced graduate study in physics, applied physics, engineering, astronomy, meteorology or more.

Special opportunities

  • Develop crucial critical thinking and problem solving skills that prepare you to be successful in a wide variety of careers
  • Work hands-on in the laboratory
  • Innovate and discover new ideas
  • Participate in guided research from your first year
  • Enjoy multiple opportunities to travel to and present at professional scientific conferences
  • Develop your experiences into a senior thesis
  • Explore other areas of science, including biology, mathematics and pre-engineering
  • Get involved with student organizations

Our Physics degree at work 

Physics is an incredibly versatile degree that prepares students for graduate school and careers in a wide range of fields.

Pursue an exciting career in:

  • Research and development
  • Teaching
  • Astronomy
  • Government
  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Business
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Medicine
  • And more

Alumni Perspectives

There is nothing better than seeing a student begin to understand a concept for the first time. The “lightbulb” moment is my favorite.

— Dr. Vern Hart, Assistant Professor of Physics

Admissions Information

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