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Biology Concentration in Pre-Nursing

Your future in nursing starts here.

Almost 16 percent of nursing positions in Missouri hospitals are currently vacant, according to a study by the Missouri Hospital Association. There is a growing need for well-trained nursing professionals entering the field to provide patients with quality care and help improve our public health.

The bachelor’s in biology pre-nursing concentration at William Woods University prepares students with the prerequisite coursework needed for admission to and success in their nursing degree program of choice.

Through this concentration you will learn from faculty who have vast experience in both the teaching and practical side of healthcare as you explore current topics in medicine, dive deeper into the biological sciences, and expand your ability to think critically and analyze research effectively.

Our Pre-Nursing degree at work 

Your nursing career begins here. No matter what patient population you wish to work with, or whether you envision a future as a registered nurse, BSN, nurse practitioner, nurse scientist or another type of professional in the nursing field, William Woods pre-nursing concentration will prepare you for further study in nursing programs across the country.

Students in this program go on to pursue all types of health-related careers and nursing degree programs. For those who go on to become RNs and wish to obtain a BSN, William Woods University offers an online RN to BSN completion degree program.


The biology concentration in pre-nursing includes coursework in microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, genetics, biomedical ethics, chemistry and more.

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