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Minor in Political/Legal Studies

Useful insight for every career.

An understanding of the way the government works and the various intricacies of the American legal system can be useful to any career. Your minor in political/legal studies can make you a better journalist, teacher, psychologist, ASL interpreter, business person, writer, advocate, and citizen. It can serve as a useful addition to a bachelor’s in business, English, Criminal Justice, and more.

The William Woods University minor in political/legal studies includes coursework in Constitutional law, procedure, equestrian law, advocacy and more. You will grow your writing skills, sharpen your understanding of logic and argumentation, and advance your ability to analyze and interpret research and legal documents.


The minor in political/legal studies at William Woods University includes 15 required course credits and 3 required elective credits.

Courses you may take

CMJ 110

Introduction to Criminal Justice -S


CMJ 180

Criminology -T


CMJ 270

Criminal Law



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