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Bachelors in Criminal Justice Area of Emphasis in Mental Health and Counseling

Approach justice with compassion.

Take justice one step further than the physical or legal realm – bring justice to the healing hearts and minds of those who have been affected by crime. With the mental health and counseling area of emphasis within the criminal justice major at William Woods University, you will be able to combine your motivation to see wrongs-righted with your intrigue for psychology or social work.

In addition to your criminal justice degree and area of emphasis in mental health and counseling, you are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to pursue a second major or a minor in psychology or social work.

Career opportunities

The William Woods University mental health and counseling area of emphasis within the criminal justice major, in combination with a second major in psychology or social work will prepare you to pursue a career in counseling, probation or forensic psychology as well as for advanced study through graduate work in the field of psychology or forensic social work.


The mental health and counseling area of emphasis in criminal justice includes coursework in crime victimization, domestic violence theories and intervention, child abuse and neglect, correctional counseling and treatment, forensic psychology and more.

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