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Minor in English

Hone your craft, whatever it may be.

Writing is essential in every subject.

Whether you’re studying business or political/legal studies, planning to attend graduate school for any subject, or have other plans, the minor in English can amplify your success. Develop yourself as a writer and deepen your understanding of the world. Sharpen your ability to analyze, empathize and pointedly criticize. Understand history and the human condition with perspective and purpose.

Students who minor in English develop the skills that virtually every profession seeks: excellent communication skills, analytical thinking, creativity, and self-management abilities.

Your English minor will include coursework in rhetoric and literature, with electives in areas of the English language that interest you most — World Masterpieces, Young Adult literature, Film, History, Analysis and Criticism and more.


The minor in English at William Woods University includes 6 required course credits and 12 required elective credits.

Courses you may take:

ENG 280 - Introduction to Literature -L - 3.00

Students are introduced to the major genres of literature (fiction, poetry, and drama), as well as their attendant forms, conventions, and contexts. Students are also introduced to techniques for interpreting, analyzing, and commenting on literature, using the vocabulary of literary studies. Prerequisites: ENG101


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