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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History

Looking back, seeing forward.

History is looking at your future through the lens of your past. Seeing where we came from and using it as a tool to determine where we’re headed next. It’s the opportunity to take cherished memories, celebrated victories, tragic mistakes, and defining moments, and use them to help us grow as individuals and as a society. And it’s in the making every day.

The William Woods University Bachelors of Arts in History program will introduce you to thinking critically about the cultural, political, economic and social sides of history. You will gain concrete skills in analytical reasoning, public speaking, making compelling arguments, summarizing information, solving complex problems, and so much more. Let your love for exploring the richness of the past act as the tool that shapes your future.

Special opportunities

  • Learn the skills necessary to explain and interpret events and ideas in history, develop compelling arguments, evaluate evidence and summarize information succinctly, and find solutions to complex problems
  • Join Phi Alpha Theta, the long-standing international honor society for history
  • Participate in research opportunities as an undergraduate, gaining experience framing questions and interpreting historical sources
  • Attend campus events and symposiums and have the opportunity to interact with historians from William Woods University as well as other institutions
  • Land an internship in public history or other specialized areas of history with the State Historical Society, the State museum, the Missouri State Archive, the National Churchill Museum and other previous employers of William Woods graduates.

Our History degree at work

Pursue an exciting career as a/an:

  • Lawyer or paralegal
  • Researcher at a museum or think tank
  • Museum curator
  • Archivist
  • Historic interpreter
  • Educator
  • Preservationist
  • Writer/editor
  • Documentary editor/producer
  • Librarian
  • Journalist
  • Records Manager
  • Historian in a corporation
  • Or, attend law school or graduate school for a Master of Business Administration or advanced study in history, English, public history, and more.


  • Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence
  • Fulton High School
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court
  • University of Missouri
  • And more

Alumni Perspectives

In pursuing a history degree, I was given the opportunity to explore life and history beyond the four walls of the classroom. To establish a broad foundation on which I could build my future. I was given the freedom to explore historical events and topics that mattered to me, and I was challenged to view history from a variety of perspectives.

— Courtney Yantes, history graduate

The history department provides a great learning atmosphere with small upper-level classes and a lot of one-on-one interaction with professors. At William Woods you don't just learn history in the classroom, you get to experience it hands-on through internships or visiting local sites, which has given me great educational experience.

— Krystal Bennett, history graduate


The Bachelor of Arts in History degree at William Woods University consists of 122 distinct credit hours for graduation — including 15 core major credits, 18 required elective credits, a year of foreign language and a minor.

Courses you may take

HIS 101

Dawn and Rebirth: A History of the World to 1500


HIS 102

Industry, Ideology, and War: A History of the World since 1500


HIS 103

Early America and the United States: Colonization, Revolution, and Civil War


HIS 104

Modern US History: From Reconstruction to Superpower


HIS 423

Senior Seminar



Admissions Information

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