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Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration

Pre-Physical Therapy

Hands-on preparation for the growing and rewarding field of physical therapy.

Doctors of Physical Therapy contribute to ensuring that all age groups remain active and mobile throughout their lives. In 2020, the median annual income for physical therapists was $91,010. The highest 10 percent in the industry earned more than $126,780 ( Physical therapists find rewarding work in health care institutions with a range of specialties; athletic departments and sports organizations; education (K-12 through college); private sector and corporations; as well as in performance, arts and entertainment.

A solid pre-PT foundation is the first step to a fulfilling career helping others as a Physical Therapist. William Woods’ curriculum is carefully designed to prepare students for a number of graduate-level health care programs including a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. The Exercise Science Pre-PT program focuses on hands-on experiences as an undergraduate as well as collaboration with students from related majors like athletic training and social work.

Program Highlights

  • Observe professional physical therapists in action, earning the 100 observation hours needed to apply to DPT programs
  • Gain hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art Center for Human Performance
  • Pursue a minimum of two internships for greater understanding of the field
  • Master anatomy with access to 3-D anatomical models
  • Learn from highly skilled faculty with real-world experience

Concentrations and Curriculum

Following a prescribed four-year plan, Pre-PT students develop a strong foundation through interesting exercise science, anatomy, and physiology coursework. From there, students delve into advanced courses that meets the prerequisites of a DTP program.

The pre-PT concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science consists of a 37-hour exercise science core curriculum augmented with a 61-hour pre-PT focus. Students interested in a DTP career may also apply to graduate school with a Bachelor of Science in Biology; talk to your adviser about the right path for you. 


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