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Teacher Education Program


The following policies pertain to all students entering the Teacher Education Program (TEP).

Students with more than 40 completed hours and who meet the requirements listed below are invited to apply for the university's Teacher Education Program. Admittance into the Teacher Education Program connotes official acceptance into the university's Teacher Education Unit. Teacher Education Program admission forms are available at the Education division office.

Students with more than 75 completed hours who are not admitted to the program may not register for courses with the EDU prefix unless they are students with at least 30 transfer hours and more than 47 hours remaining in their program of study.


Admission to the University does not guarantee admission to the Teacher Education Program. Teacher candidates must formally apply to be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Students may apply to the TEP when they met the criteria listed below. Applications to the TEP can be found outside the Department of Education Main Office or online.

To be eligible for admission to the TEP, students must have completed/attained the following and submit paperwork to Cheryl Knipp (AB 501):

  1. A grade point average in both content coursework and professional education coursework of 3.0
  2. Completion of EDU 291 with a grade of C or higher
  3. Declaration of major with the university registrar
  4. Official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended on file with the university
  5. ACT scores on file or passing MOGEA scores
  6. Background check clearance (Family Care Safety Registry)
  7. Completion of the Disposition Assessment in EDU 291
  8. ACT Score of 18 or higher. Students with an ACT score below 18 may appeal with a qualifying score on the MoGEA
  9. Approval from Chairs and the Director of the School of Education

Additional Items of Evidence to Attach to Application:

  • ACT composite score of 18 or higher or MOGEA passing scores
  • A WWU faculty letter of recommendation.
  • Unofficial transcripts.
  • Family Care Safety Registry background check.

Program probation

The Teacher Education Unit will review the academic records of students in the Teacher Education Program after each semester. Students accepted into the TEP who subsequently do not meet the program's grade point average requirements will be placed on program probation for one semester.

Removal from program

Students who do not meet the program's grade point average requirement in the semester they have been placed on program probation are removed from the program. Students removed from the program may reapply.