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Minor in Education

Teaching skills are not limited only to those pursuing a degree in the field of education. For example, whether you are majoring in English, history or biology and hope to have a career teaching in that specialized field, or whether you are earning your B.S. in Equestrian Science and would like to educate and train other equestrian leaders in the future, a minor in education can be a step in the right direction.

This minor is an opportunity for non-education majors to develop teaching skills, and leadership skills, that will act as a viable asset in any future career they may hold.

While completing this minor does not lead to a certification in teaching, it will lay a strong foundation for those students planning to enter into a licensure program, pursue certain graduate degrees in education or obtain a non-certification based career in the education field.


The Minor in Education at William Woods University includes 15 required course credits and 3 required elective credits.

Courses you may take

EDU 201 - Multicultural Education -D - 3.00

This course addresses various aspects of multiculturalism and cultural diversity such as culture, race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion, language, age, and exceptionality. By examining these micro-cultures, students will understand and use this knowledge to meet individual student needs and address cultural differences effectively in the classroom. Concepts and strategies for teaching different cultural, racial, and ethnic groups, including English language learners, are included.

EDU 231 - Exceptional Child - 3.00

A study of children with special needs who qualify for special education services. Topics include the history and legal basis of special education, the special education process, assessment and evaluation procedures, characteristics, and appropriate intervention strategies and teaching methods. Emphasis is placed on characteristics and teaching strategies for the following exceptionalities: learning disabilities, mental retardation, behavior/emotional disorders and giftedness.

EDU 250 - Foundations of Education - 3.00

This course is a comprehensive overview of the foundations of education in the United States. It focuses on the development of educational institutions and ideas, social forces that have influenced them and current issues affecting educators. It specifically includes a survey of the policies, procedures, portfolios and certification examinations that are part of the Missouri educator certification process. The nine Missouri Teacher Standards will be integrated, and used as a guide, throughout the course.


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