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Communications Concentration in Media Journalism

Follow your lead. Uncover the truth.

The world is full of untold stories just waiting to be discovered. Act as a voice for those who go unheard, and whether you are standing in front of a camera or behind a pen and paper, tell a better story.

With the media journalism concentration within the Bachelors in Communications degree, you will learn the essentials to becoming a successful journalist, from finding your story and investigating it, to sharing it on all forums — television, magazines and newspapers, photography, video and web.

Our Media Journalism Concentration at Work

With a media journalism concentration in the communications major, you will be prepared for a career as a magazine journalist, news reporter, copywriter, news anchor, digital content producer, policy reporter, media editor and so much more.


The media journalism concentration within the communication major includes coursework in media writing, photography, feature writing and magazine, public affairs reporting, interactive web communication and more.

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