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Minor in Business Administration

Make your degree worth more.

Business is all around you. It plays an integral role in all of our lives. From studio art to legal studies, having a grasp of foundational business tools and skills can make you a better professional — no matter what profession you pursue.

The minor in business administration at William Woods will increase the value of your major by:

  • Enhancing your professional skills and expanding your employment opportunities.
  • Providing the skills necessary to manage the professional and personal business aspects in your adult life
  • Allowing you to customize your education
  • Choosing electives in accounting, business, economics and/or management information systems
  • Allowing you into the Graduate Plus Program

The business administration minor prepares you through an array of business coursework, including economics, principles of accounting, corporate finance, and electives in courses that interest you, such as productivity tools, marketing, business communications and more.


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