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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management Information Systems

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management Information Systems.

Explore the technology side of business.

Step into the dynamic field of Management Information Systems, where creativity, innovation and strategy can all be found at the intersection of business theory and technological skill.

Through this William Woods University program you will learn the skill needed to design and develop websites, work with databases and networks and so much more. You will become an expert in technology and will then be able to combine this knowledge with the business side of things—learning project management, strategy and other vital skills to flourish in the business world.

Whether you go on to work as a systems engineer for a leading technology company, work as a web designer at a marketing agency, or whether you use your skill to build the web presence of a small start up, our expert faculty, individualized mentor programs and specialty tailored curriculum are designed to help you get there.

Special opportunities

  • Attend faculty-recommended conferences and other networking opportunities
  • Engage in internships specific to your field of interest and gain hands-on experience
  • Join the Student Website Advancement Team (SWAT), a student-managed business on campus, working with real clients to create, manage and revise websites
  • Develop skills in the Usability Testing lab by analyzing website navigation and make improvement suggestions to clients through SWAT
  • Work one-on-one with a faculty mentor in an advanced project designed around your specific career choice
  • Pursue a specialized concentration within the Criminal Justice major in Homeland and Industrial Security
  • Participate in various business partnerships through upper-level courses
  • Interact with the local community through various service learning opportunities as part of your senior capstone coursework

Our Management Information Systems degree at Work

Pursue an exciting career as a/an

  • Business analyst
  • Website designer
  • Consultant
  • Quality assurance analyst
  • Systems engineer
  • Website developer
  • Systems analyst
  • IT professional
  • Industrial security specialist
  • And more

Recent Employers

Our students are highly sought after by distinguished employers across the country, including:

Management Information Systems Employer Logos

Alumni Perspectives

The MIS program at WWU is one I would recommend to anyone. Many of the classes allow hands-on experiences, and the professors are willing to go out of their way to help you succeed. There are also numerous ways to get involved with the program outside the classroom. Not only do you leave with a solid education, but also with a close group of friends who have shared the same experience. William Woods is a great place to be with endless opportunities.

— Stacie Bonte, MIS graduate, digital communications specialist at Fleishman-Hillard

My William Woods University MIS degree gave me the skills to be successful in a competitive, challenging and ever-changing world of information technologies. Through advanced learning classes, e-commerce classes and three internships I received priceless learning opportunities that cannot be replicated in a textbook. The MIS professors sit down with you and map out your classes to maximize your educational experience and guide you towards your chosen career path. They take ownership of your development, and I wouldn't be where I am without them!

— Alicia Jones, MIS graduate, Application Developer at MCH Strategic Data


The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) degree at William Woods University consists of 122 distinct credit hours for graduation— including 51 core major credits, which includes both a technology component and a business component.

Courses you may take

ACC 240

Principles of Accounting I


ACC 412

Advanced Productivity Tools


BUS 206



BUS 324

Personal Finance


BUS 332

Business Communications


MIS 100

Cloud Computing


MIS 125

Productivity Tools


MIS 225

Database Management Systems


MIS 250



MIS 325

Website Development


MIS 350

Project Management


MIS 425

Enterprise Systems


MIS 450

Systems Analysis


MIS 475

Mngmnt Information Systems/Capstone



Admissions Information

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