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Business Administration Concentration in Marketing and Advertising

Help build brands.

Companies, organizations, non-profits, even public figures need experts who not only have business acumen, but can create content that sells and understand the importance of promotion.

Within the marketing and advertising concentration of the business administration degree, you will learn how to use strategy and purpose to help brands build awareness. Get a 360-degree view of the marketing and advertising industry, so whether you plan to work in management, account coordination, leadership or creative side of this diverse industry, you will be prepared.

Often, students interested in gaining more experience pursue internships in marketing and advertising agencies and departments throughout Missouri. Or, get involved with William Woods’ active and successful collegiate DECA team. The team provides opportunities for professional development in various fields, including promotion, business-to-business marketing, advertising and more.

Our Marketing and Advertising Concentration at Work

With a marketing and advertising concentration in the business administration major, you will be prepared for a career in the growing world of marketing as a project or brand manager, marketing director, account coordinator, account executive, events coordinator, strategist, promotions and marketing manager, market research analyst, and more.


The marketing and advertising concentration within business administration includes coursework in public relations, marketing research, salesmanship and more.

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