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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art

studio art degree.

Leave your mark.

Step into the indefinable world of art. A place where you can take a piece of who you are, a dream, a thought, a feeling – or a piece of the world you see around you—and set that expression free through the tip of a pencil, the stroke of a paintbrush, a block of clay or the lens of a camera.

As a studio art major in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at William Woods University, you will have the opportunity to dive into any discipline of visual art you wish to explore, whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, or something else. Learn where art has been throughout history and how it’s grown, and discover where you can take it next.

Special opportunities

  • Through our diverse curriculum for the studio arts degree you will have the opportunity to experience all disciplines of art and discover one, or several, you are passionate about
  • Gain hands on experience through your coursework as well as the many clubs and organizations on campus
  • Get involved with Thriving Artists Group (TAG) and spend time creating and appreciating art with like-minded peers
  • Collaborate with writers to add a touch of art and visual beauty to student publication, Hoot Campus Magazine
  • Use your art to advocate for a cause you believe in and make a statement by joining groups on campus that are fighting for a greater good, like Multicultural Affairs Club or Students for Social Work
  • Work side by side with your professors throughout courses as they assist you in designing and constructing your professional portfolio
  • Through the Student Portfolio Program, faculty and professionals in the art field will review your portfolio once a year, offering their feedback and guidance to get you real world ready

Our Fine Arts degree in Studio Art at Work

Pursue an exciting career as a/an:

  • Professional artist
  • Book illustrator
  • Visual effects animator
  • Museum curator
  • Cartoonist
  • Sculptor
  • Art critic
  • Textile designer
  • Storyboard artist
  • Art teacher
  • And more

Alumni Perspectives

"The art program was a great experience for me. The classes were small and the professors really cared about the students. This program helped me to grow as an artist."

Jennifer Costello, BFA in Studio Art Degree graduate , founder and owner of Arctic Cards, LLC, in St. Louis, Mo.

"William Woods enabled me to academically achieve- to gain a higher level of knowledge in fine arts, photography and business administration, which prepared me to excel in the professional world. The Woods taught me how to find balance in weaving academic, athletic and social interests into my life. The relationships I developed with my instructors and staff enabled me to be dedicated to my academics. The intimate class setting was a positive for me because I could ask questions, feel that I added something to the class as an individual and knew that if I needed extra help the instructor was always available to assist me. The knowledge I gained is invaluable. It has enabled me to develop interpersonal relationships with confidence."

Maggie Stolzberg, BFA in Studio Art Degree graduate , photographer and owner of Maggie Stolzberg Studios, in St. Louis, Mo. and Boca Raton, Fla.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art degree at William Woods University consists of 122 distinct credit hours for graduation—including 37 core major credits and 33 required elective credits in studio art and art history.

Courses you may take

ART 105

Basic Design -A


ART 110

Drawing I -A


ART 111

Drawing II


ART 115

Color and Light -A


ART 206

Painting I -A


ART 207

Painting II


ART 208

Sculpture I


ART 210

Portfolio Development


ART 220

Water-based Painting I -A


ART 230

Survey Of Western Art I -A


ART 231

Survey of Western Art II -A


ART 310

Drawing III


ART 470

Senior Practicum



Admissions Information

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