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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art

bachelors in art.

Cultivate your creativity.

To turn your creative passion into your life’s work, you need a place to foster your creativity—to nurture it daily learning design fundamentals, polishing your technique and understanding the historical significance of some of life’s greatest, most powerful works of art.

Surround yourself with mentors who are genuinely invested in helping you grow as an artist and a person, excited to guide you, coach you, and watch you flourish.

That is what it is like to be a bachelor of art student at William Woods University. Our customizable curriculum was created with you in mind. Our faculty—all artists themselves—are committed to helping you thrive. Whether your dream is to teach art, produce art, start your own photography studio, or open your own gallery or shop, our art programs are designed to help you make it happen.

We believe that without art, the world lacks interest, beauty, form, and clarity. We can’t wait for you to join one of the world’s most beloved pursuits.

Art majors may choose from one of three concentrations:

Special opportunities

  • Through our diverse curriculum you will have the opportunity to experience all disciplines of art and discover one, or several, you are passionate about
  • Gain hands on experience through your coursework as well as the many clubs and organizations on campus
  • Get involved with Thriving Artists Group (TAG) and spend time creating and appreciating art with like-minded peers
  • Collaborate with writers to add a touch of art and visual beauty to the William Woods University student publication, Hoot Campus Magazine
  • Use your art to advocate for a cause you believe in and make a statement by joining groups on campus that are fighting for a greater good, like Multicultural Affairs Club or Students for Social Work
  • Through the Student Portfolio Program, faculty and professionals in the art field will review your portfolio once a year, offering their feedback and guidance to get you real world ready

Our Arts degree at Work

There are many things you can do with a degree in art. Pursue an exciting career as a/an:

  • Art teacher - Teaching art at the elementary, secondary or college level
  • Photographer
  • Professional artist
  • Illustrator
  • Animator
  • Designer
  • Marketer
  • And more


The Bachelor of Arts in Art degree at William Woods University consists of 122 distinct credit hours for graduation—including 22 core major credits, a 21-credit concentration in Photography, Studio Art, or Graphic Design, a minor, and a year of foreign language.

Courses you may take

ART 103 - Art Foundations - 3.00

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of studio art through the study of artistic elements, color theory, media, and techniques. Students will build foundation skills, as well as the beginning of a portfolio, through hands-on practice and assignments. The course will include lecture, projects, critique, and gallery/museum visits. They will be prepared to readily translate this knowledge in future studio art and graphic design courses. Required of all art majors. (Lab fee)

ART 140 - Introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud - 3.00

This course offers an introduction to Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Students will learn to use these applications through the creation of content relevant to fields of design, art, marketing, and communications.

ART 230 - Art History: Prehistory to Renaissance - 3.00

A study of sculpture, painting, architecture, and the minor arts from prehistory to the Renaissance. The main focus is the placement of the art of each period within the society by which it was produced.

ART 231 - Art History: Renaissance to Today - 3.00

A study of sculpture, painting, architecture, and the minor arts from the Renaissance to contemporary times. The main focus is the placement of the art of each period within the society by which it was produced. ART 230 is not required.

ART 350 - Professional Practice - 3.00

Designed to introduce students to the importance, concept, and production of a professional art portfolio. During the course students produce both a conventional and an electronic portfolio of their work in preparation for careers in art and graphic design. Prerequisite: ART103 or ART105

ART 470 - Senior Practicum - 1.00

This capstone course includes production of independent work which will be exhibited during the Senior Show; participation in planning and mounting the Senior Show; a self-assessment report; and presentation of a Senior portfolio. Should be taken last semester of senior year.


Admissions Information

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