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Mentor-Mentee Program

WWU's unique Mentor-Mentee Program, informally known as the M&M Program, provides students with truly exceptional opportunities for substantive research or creative experiences.

In the M&M Program, the emphasis is upon "substantive". Working in a team context with a faculty member, the student assumes full responsibility for the research agenda or creative project with the faculty member serving as a collegial mentor. The substantive aspects of the undertaking are directed and conducted by the student. While many projects are elements of a broader ongoing effort being undertaken by the faculty-mentor, many are altogether independent of specific faculty projects.

Research activities are those in which the canons of inquiry of an academic field are systematically employed by the mentee to examine an issue, topic, or question and which yield an original product or result which may be critically considered. Creative activities are those in which the techniques and canons of the visual, performing, and/or communication arts are exploited by the mentee to produce an original artistic product or result which might be critically considered.

WWU is one of a relatively small number of universities that provide undergraduate students with opportunities to become involved in research and truly creative work.

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