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Professional internships are available in most academic areas. Students who wish to take part in internship opportunities should contact their Academic Advisor and/or the Chair of their division. Generally, a student is responsible for securing the place and making the arrangements about schedules for his or her internship. The student will report to a faculty advisor during the internship. The role of the faculty advisor is to offer guidance to the student, not to run interference.

Internships are available for 3, 6, 9 or 12 credit hours. The number of hours available varies by department. In some majors internships are required, in others they are optional. Students who are unsure of whether or not an internship is required in their majors should check their catalog.

Internships are available for students of Junior or Senior status. This means that a student must have completed at least 60 credit hours of course work prior to beginning an internship. Students must also have a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.5.

Internships are required for some majors and are optional in others. For specific information on internships in your major/intended major check the academic areas page or speak with your academic advisor or department chair.