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Student Disability Services

Students who choose to disclose a disability to the university and/or who request accommodation or special aids (when applying for admission or at other times) must provide notice and documentation for the disability in accordance with the university's policy. The university's policy requires the following:

  • Students who choose to disclose a disability are responsible for notifying the university of their disability on a timely basis.
  • Students must direct any such notice to the university's Coordinator of Disability Services.
  • Students are responsible for requesting specific academic adjustments and/or special aids on a timely basis.
  • Student are responsible for giving the university appropriate supporting evidence of their disability and the requested academic adjustments or special aids on a timely basis.

Out-of-Class Testing Accommodation

The Students tab on Owlnet contains a form available for students who wish to take tests in a quiet area away from their classroom. The form needs to be completed five business days before the test is given. Information from the student and from the faculty member is needed. Students are responsible for submitting the form to the Coordinator of Disability Services. Students need to have supporting documentation on file to use this academic adjustment.

Out-of-class testing accommodation form (Owlnet login required)

SensusAccess Accessibility Converter

This form will allow you to upload a file, content from a URL, or direct text input into a form that will convert it to an accessible format. Results are sent to your email inbox.

For more information, please contact:
Anita Hayes-Birt
Student Disability Services, Director