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Connections 101


This course helps beginning college students identify how colleges are structured and recognize what to do to be successful in college, how to do it and where to get help.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, students will have done the following:

  1. Improved their connections with faculty.
  2. Improved their connections with peers.
  3. Widened knowledge of campus services.
  4. Increased knowledge of campus policies.
  5. Improved managing time/priorities.
  6. Improved study skills.
  7. Increased knowledge of "wellness" issues.

Who takes Connections?

Connections is required for all incoming students between ages 17 and 23 who are enrolled in their first semester as a full-time student. Students who have taken dual credit courses, summer school or on-line courses are still considered first-time college students.

Students who transfer to WilliamWoods having completed 12 or more hours in a single semester (dual credit, summer school and online courses excluded) do not need to enroll.

Does Connections count towards a degree?

Yes. Connections is a one-credit hour course applicable to all bachelor degree programs at the university.