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Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

Foster your flourishing future with this 100% online degree program! The Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is designed to help students build a strong foundation of the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in any of the 53 areas of psychology, as well as the hundreds of career opportunities in the field. The Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology follows all American Psychology Association (APA) Guidelines for Undergraduate study, which ensures that students receive a robust education that will prepared them for any career path they choose to pursue.

“Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior, so it is well suited for any individual wanting to pursue a career that involves interacting with other individuals,” said Dr. Caroline Boyer-Ferhat, associate professor of psychology at WWU. “By enrolling in our online degree program, students are given the opportunity to engage with individuals from all across the country/world and at various stages of their careers, which will broaden their perspective on human behavior.”

Graduates who pursue a career after earning their undergraduate degree have the opportunity to hold advisory, research and treatment led, or therapeutic roles in a variety of fields, including healthcare, education, mental health, therapy, casework, counseling, sales and marketing, top and mid-level management, and human resources.

The online program also allows them the flexibility to continue working while they pursue their degree, so they can see immediate application of the information they are learning. Because psychology has many subfields such as human development, clinical, sports, social, industrial and organizational, this also makes the perfect complement to study in another field.

Courses you may take (each course is only 8 weeks):

MAT 114 - Elementary Statistics -M - 3.00

A pre-calculus introduction to statistics. Topics include: elementary probability, measures of central tendency and variation, normal distributions, sampling, confidence intervals, estimation, hypothesis testing, regression and correlation. Emphasis on the use of graphing calculators and the utility of mathematics as a problem-solving tool. Extensive discussion of applications in natural science, social science, and business. Prerequisite: MAT 099 or equivalent.

PSY 101 - General Psychology I -S - 3.00

An introduction to psychology as a scientific discipline surveying the biological basis of behavior, motivation, learning, sensation, perception, memory, thinking and language.

PSY 102 - General Psychology II -S - 3.00

An introduction to psychology as a scientific discipline surveying interpersonal behavior, personality development, intelligence, psychopathology, assessment, treatment, and research methodology.

PSY 225 - Careers in Psychology - 3.00

In this course, students will explore the career paths available to students who major in psychology. Individuals will work on developing career goals and specific plans of action for gaining employment in the field of psychology. Areas of graduate study will also be discussed as well as the job opportunities available to students who pursue advanced degrees.

PSY 310 - Social Psychology - 3.00

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of how the social world affects individuals' lives. Students will learn key theories that explain the power of a situation in shaping our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. Course issues include perception, prejudice, attitudes, conformity, group dynamics, attraction, aggression, and prosocial behaviors. Students will be expected to apply social psychology theory to social situations. Prerequisite - PSY102 or PSY105

PSY 313 - Statistics for the Social Sciences - 3.00

This course focuses on descriptive and inferential statistics in the design, analysis and interpretation of data in psychological research. Students will learn to effectively present data. Practical application is emphasized. Prerequisites: SWK313

PSY 324 - Cognitive Psychology - 4.00

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of how the human mind processes information. Students will gain a deep appreciation for the mind and how it is able to accomplish day-to-day tasks and what happens when something goes wrong. Course issues include sensation and perception, attention, memory, imagery, language, problem-solving and decision-making. Prerequisite: PSY101 and (PSY102 or PSY105) (Students are strongly encouraged to complete SWK 313 and PSY 313 prior to enrolling in PSY 324)

PSY 411 - Abnormal Psychology - 3.00

The study of the factors which lead an individual to pathological behavior, the types of abnormal behavior, and the current methods of therapy. Prerequisite - PSY102 or PSY105

PSY 413 - Advanced Research Project - 3.00

This course will allow students to complete a research project in an area of psychology. Students will be guided through the research process including the review of literature, methodology and data analysis. This course is repeatable for credit. Students will be able to repeat this class for credit. Prerequisite: SWK313 and PSY313

PSY 450 - Psychology Seminar - 3.00

This is a capstone course integrating prior learning and exploring leading research and controversial issues in psychology. This course is based on individual student curricular needs and interests. Students employ skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation on topics inherent to the psychology major. Prerequisite - PSY101 and PSY102

SWK 313 - Research Methods - 3.00

This course examines the application of basic concepts of research methodology to social work, including problem formulation, design of research, measurement, sampling, and data analysis. It includes the role of research in social work and the interpretation and critical analysis of research reports in social work. This course provides the foundation to equip students to be consumers of published research and to engage in building knowledge to enhance practice and service delivery through the use of scientific methods. Emphasis throughout the course is placed on preparing students to identify research findings that assist them in being more effective practitioners as well as producers and consumers of research.


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William Woods online undergraduate programs are available to students across the country. In Missouri, our students come from Fulton, Columbia, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Kansas City, Moberly, Springfield, Ozark, Cape Girardeau, Rolla and many more locations. Beyond Missouri, our online graduates hail from California, Illinois, Kansas, Washington, Arkansas and other states.

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