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Online Master of Arts in Psychology

Online Master of Arts in Psychology Courses

A Degree for Expanding Intellectual and Professional Goals

Our Master of Arts in Psychology program offers students advanced courses in the major areas of psychology as well as a strong foundation in research design and statistical analysis. Our program provides students with a broad knowledge base applicable in a variety of settings.

Program Advantages

Students graduate prepared for career opportunities, as well as for PhD programs, in psychology or related fields. This program is perfect for professionals looking for career growth as well as individuals looking for more experience before applying to PhD programs. It is 100% online and can be completed in as little as one year.

150 years of academic excellence

100% Online

8-Week Terms Designed for Working Professionals


Not Required for Program Acceptance

Tuition Promise

No Increase While Continuously Enrolled

Admission Requirements

Completed application + official transcripts showing a minimum 2.5 GPA from an accredited university or college

Online Master of Arts in Psychology Courses

This degree is comprised of 30 credit-hours

PSY 510 Advanced Developmental Psychology
Students read and respond to selected research articles that consider how cognitive, biological and social factors influence development across the lifespan.

PSY 525 Advanced Cognition
Students read and respond to selected research articles that investigate key aspects of cognition, including learning, memory, sensation and perception, attention and language.

PSY 530 Advanced Psychopathology
Psychological symptoms and disorders are examined. Students consider the factors that influence assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders.

PSY 535 Contemporary and Ethical Issues
Students read and respond to selected research articles that discuss contemporary issues within the field of psychology. Students discuss case studies and examine how ethics influence decision making.

PSY 570 Diversity and Multicultural Issues
Students discuss how societal factors, such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender and ability status influence human behavior. Students read selected research articles and discuss relevant case studies.

Online Master of Arts in Psychology Concentrations

Human Behavior

  • PSY 520 Biological Bases of Behavior
  • PSY 540 Advanced Social Psychology
  • PSY 560 Health Psychology
  • PSY 576 Psychology of Judgment & Decision-Making
  • PSY 596 Human Behavior Capstone

Industrial/Organizational Pschology

  • PSY 545 Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 555 Workplace Motivation
  • PSY 565 Leadership Development
  • PSY 575 Organizational Behavior & Evaluation
  • PSY 595 Industrial/Org. Psychology Capstone

General Psychology

  • SY 520 Biological Bases of Behavior
  • PSY 590 Thesis
  • RSH 520 An Introduction to Statistical Research

"The Master of Arts in Psychology at WWU provides students with real world knowledge that they can apply immediately in both their professional and personal lives. By understanding the factors that underlie human behavior, students will be able to improve the world around them."

Dr. Caroline Boyer
Professor of Psychology

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