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Call for Manuscripts

Midwest Journal of Education

The Midwest Journal of Education (MJE), a peer-reviewed journal in education, invites submissions featuring the work of scholars and practitioners who address the nexus of theory and practice in education on a broad range of topics pertinent to education. We invite submissions from educators with various backgrounds, research interests, and educational expertise. MJE, a peer-reviewed journal, publishes empirical and descriptive articles, including submissions that address the following:

Connecting Theory to Practice papers

Submissions that connect theory to practice may originate from researchers or practitioners, but the thrust of the submission is to create dialogue about the application of theory to practice. Submissions in this category should be written in a conversational manner for practitioners and give guidance on how to improve educational practices. The recommended length is between 2000-3000 words.

Empirical Research papers

Empirical studies published in MJE use qualitative or quantitative data from a study to add to the body of research literature on educational issues. Submissions should include traditional headings for empirical articles (introduction, literature review, theoretical framework, methods, findings, discussion, conclusion). The recommended length is between 5000-6000 words.

Conceptual papers

A conceptual paper in MJE addresses a position, concept, theory, or conceptual framework as it relates to education. The recommended length is between 5000-6000 words.


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