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Certificate in Leadership (Undergraduate Level)

Leadership Certificate

Leaders are needed in every field, now more than ever

Reflect on your own leadership strengths and challenges to become a more effective leader, while applying the fundamentals and proven practices that make good leaders great. The skills learned apply to any career, field, or industry.

A foundation for leadership excellence

The undergraduate certificate in leadership is geared towards new leaders and professionals hoping to advance into leadership positions. Through this certificate you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of leading
  • How to build effective teams
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • How to lead through change and crisis

Who should pursue a Certificate in Leadership?

This Certificate in Leadership is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of people at various stages of their educational and professional careers. It can provide an important credential to better compete for leadership positions at your current or future employer.

The four-course format allows you to complete your certificate in as little as 16 weeks, or 32 if you prefer.

Courses that prepare and inspire


LDR 201 – Concepts in Leadership

This course introduces students to a variety of leadership concepts and serves as a foundational course for more advanced study in leadership. Topics include but are not limited to motivating others, management communication, training and development, team building and improving leadership qualities within each person.


LDR 215 – Introduction to Organizational Leadership

In this course, students will develop perspectives on leadership in the organizational context. They will examine the models and theories of leadership with reference to organizational vision, goals, strategies, culture, and ethical standards. They will learn leadership practices to support and enhance organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Through case studies, reflective and experiential projects, they will develop the leadership skills required to effectively lead individuals, groups, and teams. Students will build a sound grasp of leadership knowledge and competencies that they can apply to actual, real-life organizational and business problems.


LDR 220 – Adaptive Leadership

In this course, students will develop their ability to lead in complex, dynamic and often fast-changing environments. Students will analyze leadership as it is practiced and evaluate the personal dangers leaders often face when they practice leadership.


LDR 245 - Leading Teams

The course will cover the principles needed to create and lead effective teams. Students will generate, compare, and assess effective team interventions to produce high achieving teams in organizational settings. Topics covered in this course include stages of team development, identifying and assigning appropriate human capital to teams, team culture and alignment to corporate culture, ensuring team productivity through effective and timely leader interventions and team disbandment.

Why leadership matters

Admissions Information

Contact the Office of Admissions for information on requirements and the application and enrollment process at or 800.995.3199.

Tuition for the four-course certificate program is $3,500. You may apply your Callaway Chamber of Commerce discount if eligible.

Ready to apply? Select Undergraduate Online on our application. When asked to indicate a program, please select "Certificate in Leadership (Online)".

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