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Kira Conklin

Class of 2020

Kira Conklin 2020

Hometown: Oakwood, Illinois

High School: Oakwood High School

Major: Biology, with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine and an EQS, EQA, and Physics minor

Campus Activities: Pre-Vet Club, Biology Club, Honors Program, President's Twenty, Western Club, Paddock Club, Dressage Club

What internships and jobs have you had?

I have shadowed many veterinarians at home in Illinois and have gotten experience with both large and small animals. I volunteered at a trail barn for two years as a groom and trail guide. When the barn closed, I bought my first horse from them. I also worked at a dairy farm and creamery for two months as a tour guide and got to help make cheese every once in a while.

What are your career plans?

I plan to continue to veterinary school after I graduate from William Woods. I would like to one day own my own clinic and animal shelter. At this point, the plan is to work out west with cattle and working ranch horses.

Why did you come to William Woods?

I came to William Woods because of the opportunities the pre-veterinary program offered. There are not many other schools where you can get hands-on experience with a veterinarian as your instructor before veterinary school. The horses were also a huge perk, as were the scholarships.

What has been your favorite class here so far?

My favorite class was Biomedical Ethics with Bob Scott. He approaches things with a kind of logic that is impossible to argue with.

What has been your favorite LEAD event so far?

My favorite LEAD event so far has been when we got to watch Home Alone and they gave us hot chocolate.

What is your favorite thing in your room?

My favorite things in my room are my pictures of my family and friends, my bed, and my food.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is the barn. No matter what, you always have 150 sets of ears ready to listen to your problems or your achievements.

Where do you like to study?

I like to study outside. That’s a bit hard to do sometimes depending on the weather and whether there are any good spots nearby. At home I do work out on our deck because we live out in the woods.

What is a typical weekday like for you at William Woods?

I have 8 a.m. classes every day of the week, so a typical weekday starts with me waking up at 7 and hating myself for my choice of classes. I generally have class until noon and have afternoon or night labs two days a week. My free time is spent doing homework, watching movies with friends, eating too much junk food, and occasionally going for a run.

What is your favorite place in Fulton?

My favorite place in Fulton 54 Country. My friends and I discovered it our freshman year and we've stumbled through line dances ever since. It’s a great way to get out, have fun, and meet people from town. You get a workout without even noticing it.

What has surprised you the most about going to school at William Woods?

It has surprised me how little free time there is. For a small school in a small town, there is a lot to do at William Woods.

What has been the most challenging part of college?

The most challenging part of college has been realizing that sometimes classes are hard, and you may not keep that A. I have had straight As my entire life and plan on keeping them, but Organic Chemistry will kick your butt.

What is your favorite memory of your time here at William Woods so far?

My favorite memory of my time here at William Woods was when we rescued three kittens from the window wells of the science building.