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Emily Gast

Class of 2019

Emily Gast 2019

Hometown: St. Charles, Missouri

High School: Francis Howell North

Major: Special Education

Campus Activities: President’s Twenty, University Ambassadors, Rotaract Club, Alpha Chi Omega, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow

Have you had any work experience?

I had a job at the Family Arena in St. Charles and was a nanny for the past three summers.

What are your career plans?

I plan to go back to my hometown and become a special education teacher for elementary students.

Why did you come to William Woods?

I came to William Woods because of the community feeling and the education program. When I stepped on campus everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I knew that I had found my home away from home.

What is one word you’d use to describe William Woods?


What has been your favorite class?

My favorite class here so far has been Foundations of Education. I enjoyed this class because it taught me a lot about my major and it was a smaller class so I had a great connection with my teacher and classmates.

What has been your favorite LEAD event?

My favorite lead event held so far was The Chicago Boyz. The Chicago Boyz was an acrobatic team from Chicago who went on America’s Got Talent. Everyone in the auditorium was laughing and having a great time together as a community.

What’s one thing you wish you had known when you first started at William Woods?

One thing that I wish I had known when I first started out at William Woods is that the professors really want the best for us. I had trouble using the professor’s office for help, but I learned that their office hours are the best place to get all of your questions answered without feeling rushed.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about you?

One thing I wish more people knew about me is that I am quiet when you first get to know me, but I really enjoy meeting new people!

What is your favorite thing in your room? My favorite thing that I have in my room is my wall of pictures! I love capturing memories through pictures, so being able to look at the pictures of my friends and family when I am having a bad day really cheers me up.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is the Owl’s Nest. It is my favorite place because of the Starbucks coffee and because it is a great place to catch up with your friends on the way to class.

Where do you like to study?

I like to study in the library here on campus.

What is a typical weekday like for you at William Woods?

A typical weekday for me is going to classes, getting a cup of Starbucks coffee, going to Tucker to eat and catch up with friends, take a quick nap, homework, and then go to any club meetings that I have.

What is your favorite place in Fulton?

My favorite place in Fulton is the Brick District. The Brick District reminds me a lot of Main Street in St. Charles. It has a lot of cute shops, along with some delicious restaurants to go eat on special occasions.

What has surprised you the most about going to school at William Woods?

The continuous feeling of being welcome. When going on campus tours, you see the students who are very social and who are the best representation of the school. The feeling of being welcome never went away because the students at William Woods University all work together to be a successful community.

What has been the most challenging part of college?

Learning how to manage time. Though managing time is tricky at first, once you get the hang of it college becomes a lot easier.

What is one word your friends would use to describe you?


What is your favorite memory of your time here at William Woods so far?

My favorite memory at William Woods so far was when the hypnotist came.

Who is your favorite faculty or staff member?

My favorite faculty member is Dr. Allan Ensor. Dr. Ensor is my advisor and he always helps make sure that I am on track with my major and allows for me to stop by his office at any time with any questions or concerns that I have. You can tell that he truly wants all of his students to succeed.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is super strength. Through William Woods I have truly seen how strong I am in this transition of my life.