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De'Ionte Jones

Class of 2020

De'Ionte Jones 2020

Hometown: Oahu, Hawaii

High School: Waynesville High School

Major: History education, with a minor in Business

Campus Activities: President’s Twenty, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, and the Student Alumni Council

What are your career plans?

I’d like to be a high school history educator or a real estate agent.

Why did you come to William Woods?

Because the school looked beautiful and offered great scholarships.

What has been your favorite class here so far?

Color and Light has been my favorite class so far. I really enjoy how Professor Terry Martin allows his students to become as creative as they’d like, as well as the fact that art is a very fun thing to compose.

What has been your favorite LEAD event so far?

My favorite LEAD event would have to be the basketball games; there nothing like cheering on your school’s team with your friends.

What’s one thing you wish you had known when you first started at William Woods?

I wish I would have known that Owlnet was life.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about you?

I can speak French.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

Booth Hall, because it’s a great house to study and spend time with friends in.

Where do you like to study?

In the library or Booth Hall.

What is a typical weekday like for you at William Woods?

On a typical day, I wake up and eat breakfast, then go to class, then soon after completing my homework I head to work, which is in turn followed by me going home and concluding my day by hanging out with my friends.

What is your favorite place in Fulton?

Beks, because their food is amazing and never lets you down.

What has surprised you the most about going to school at William Woods?

How much the faculty cares about the students.

What has been the most challenging part of college?

Doing work outside the classroom.

What is one word your friends would use to describe you?


What is your favorite memory of your time here at William Woods so far?

The first Monday back at the beginning of the semester was my favorite day, seeing all my friends really made it a good day.

Who is your favorite faculty or staff member?

Professor Carrie McCray is by far my favorite. She was my Connections teacher and ever since then she always checks on me and makes sure that everything is going well, and she is also an awesome person to talk to.

What is your superpower?

The power to go Super Saiyan.