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Briley Browning

Class of 2019

Briley Browning 2019

Hometown: Troy, Missouri

High School: Troy Buchanan High School

Major: Math, with minors in Business Administration and MIS

Campus Activities: Panhellenic Association (President), Campus Activities Board (President), Kappa Mu Epsilon (President), Alpha Chi Omega, Campus Standards Board, and Rotaract Club.

What jobs have you had?

I currently have my real estate license and work for a realtor in my hometown. I also work part time for the prosecuting attorney in my hometown as an office assistant and I am a substitute teacher.

What are your career plans?

As of right now, I am planning to begin the series of actuarial science exams to become an actuary. I am also considering going on to get my masters in mathematics. My ultimate goal is to one day be a college math professor.

Why did you come to William Woods?

I transferred here from University of Missouri-Columbia because I realized very quickly that the big school setting was not for me. William Woods has small class sizes and so many opportunities to get involved and make connections with people that will last a lifetime.

What is one word you’d use to describe William Woods?


What has been your favorite class here so far?

Calculus 3 because I’m a math nerd and I love calculus.

What has been your favorite LEAD event so far?

I love all the President’s Concerts and Lecture Series events because we get some very talented artists and speakers that come here. Also, I have helped put on several LEAD events for the Panhellenic Association that I have really enjoyed.

What’s one thing you wish you had known when you first started at William Woods?

I wish I would have known how great of an experience it would be so that I wouldn’t have wasted a year of my college experience somewhere else.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about you?

I wish people knew that I have my real estate license, so that they’d shoot me more referrals when they went to buy houses or property.

Have you ever had a fun nickname?

A lot of people call me Bri.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot would have to be the Alpha Chi Omega house because it is my home away from home and where I spend majority of my free time.

Where do you like to study?

I’m not a commuter, but the commuter lounge just recently got a giant bean bag. I like to go in there and study between classes sometimes.

What is a typical weekday like for you at William Woods?

On a typical day, I’ll start out with a morning run (or sometimes pretend that I ran and sleep in), then I will get ready and head to my morning classes. I will eat lunch in Tucker with friends, work on homework in the library, attend any club meetings I have for the day, go to my afternoon classes, and possibly try to make it to a LEAD point if my schedule allows. I will usually work out at the gym in the afternoon/evening and then hang out at the sorority house for the rest of the night.

What is your favorite place in Fulton?

I love Jalisco’s because Mexican food is my favorite.

What has surprised you the most about going to school at William Woods?

I was surprised by how easy it was to get involved and take on leadership roles if you want them. Within my first year here, I was already president of two organizations and involved in an abundance of other ones.

What has been the most challenging part of college?

For me, time management has been the most challenging part. Being involved in a lot of things is very rewarding, but also challenging because everything comes with time commitments.

What is one word your friends would use to describe you?


What is your favorite memory of your time here at William Woods?

My favorite memory was bid day my sophomore year. I have always wanted to be in a sorority, so opening my bid card was definitely one of those moments of my life that I will always cherish.

Who is your favorite faculty or staff member?

I have a lot of favorites. Lacey Sweeten Randall has been the best Panhellenic advisor I could have ever asked for. I have learned a great deal of leadership as well as professional skills working alongside her that I know I will carry with me throughout my next chapters of life. Alyssa McManus has also been an awesome role model and Campus Activities Board advisor, as she is very dedicated to her job and puts everyone ahead of herself.

And, lastly, I can’t forget Professor Chris Schneider, as he has been my professor for majority of my classes at William Woods because he teaches all the upper-level math classes. He is an awesome teacher and I look forward to his classes.

What is your superpower?

Power napping. I try to take at least one twenty-minute nap every day.