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  • Alert others: Yell loudly, but avoid panic.
  • Report it: Dial 9-911 for the Fire Department.
  • Evacuate: Be sure everyone in your area has exited, close all doors and windows. Do not lock doors in case smoke forces you to return.
  • Extinguish: Attempt to put the fire out only if it's very small.
  • Use the extinguisher.
  • If trapped: Close off the area and hang something out the window to signal for help.
  • Stay Out: Do not re-enter the building.
  • For Campus Security, dial 4357 (HELP) from a university phone or 573.592.4357 from a cell phone or off-campus phone.

When you need the Police, Fire or an Emergency Response, dial 9-911 from any university phone, or 911 from a cell or off-campus phone.